What are the different ways a mushroom grower can use hydrogen peroxide?

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1) For petri dish cultures of mycelium: add peroxide to your agar medium. No need for glove boxes or sterile facilities to keep out contaminants. Use the resulting cultures to inoculate spawn and to maintain the mycelium.

2) For spawn making: add peroxide to your spawn medium. No need for a laminar flow hood or a spawn laboratory. Sawdust spawn made from pellet fuel cooks in ten minutes. Use the resulting spawn to inoculate sawdust, compost, straw, logs, etc.

3) For bulk substrate, if you don't have an autoclave. Prepare straw and similar substrates by a simple soak-and-drain procedure (procedure described in Volume II of the manual). Add peroxide to supplemented wood pellet fuel substrate or other peroxide-compatible materials (procedures described in both volumes of the manual). No need for heat-resistant space bags. Use the resulting cultures for fruiting mushrooms, or break them up and use as spawn to inoculate straw, compost, logs, etc.

4) For bulk substrate cultures, if you do have an autoclave (or if you plan on baking or lengthy steam pasteurization). Add peroxide to your own favorite substrate mix at the time of inoculation. No need for air filtration, reduces overall rate of contamination.

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