Inoculating mushroom spawn

Inoculating mushroom spawn

Here I'm inoculating a jar "Ten-minute spawn" medium in the open air with a chunk of mycelium from an agar culture of Hericium erinaceus, using a flame-sterilized X-acto knife for the transfer. A stack of peroxide-treated agar Petri dish cultures sits to the left, inside a plastic food storage bag.

Spawn is essentially a mushroom "starter" culture used to inoculate the final mushroom-producing cultures. The Ten-minute spawn is so-named because it takes only 10 minutes to steam it, compared to at least 45 minutes to sterilize ordinary spawn in a pressure cooker. The medium contains materials chosen to be compatible with peroxide, in this case wood pellet fuel and paper fiber pellets, suitable for cultivation of wood decomposing mushrooms. [Next]

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