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Growing Mushrooms the Easy Way ("the peroxide manual") has two volumes, and it is now joined by a third separate manual, Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivation.

Currently, I am only offering the electronic versions of the manuals for sale. Nevertheless, if you need a printed copy, you are welcome to print out the electronic version for your personal use

I am personally available for free technical support via e-mail for anyone who orders any volume. In addition, all authorized owners of any of my manuals are eligible to join my private mushroom-growing e-mail discussion list on Yahoo groups, with a current membership of about 280 people. I prefer to communicate by email. For e-mail inquiries, you can write to me at rushwayne@aol.com. I am not good at returning calls, but if you must reach me by telephone, my number is 541-342-6144, in Eugene, Oregon (USA). Want to know more about me? Click here.

Translations of the peroxide manual:

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    Peroxide manual, both volumes, e-mail version

    Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivation, e-mail version

    Peroxide manual, Volume I, e-mail version

    Peroxide manual, Volume II, e-mail version

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    Growing Mushrooms the Easy Way
    Total charge for Volume I is $15.95 US.
    Total charge for Volume IIvis $14.95 US.
    Total charge for both volumes is $29.90 US.

    Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivatiion
    Total charge for the third manual is $19.50 US

    All three manuals
    Total charge for all three manuals is $39.90 US

    Refund Policy
    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please let me know! I will do whatever I can to set things right. You can contact me by e-mail (rushwayne@aol.com) or telephone (541-342-6144). The bottom line is that I will refund the price of purchase if you are dissatisfied or if the electronic document cannot be delivered to you for technical reasons. Note, however, that I cannot be responsible if contact information provided is insufficient for successful communication or if refunds are returned as undeliverable.

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