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Growing Mushrooms the Easy Way ("the peroxide manual") has two volumes, and it is now joined by a third separate manual, Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivation. The manuals are available only in electronic form (pdf file). I have discontinued sale of the printed (hardcopy) manuals. I am personally available for free technical support via e-mail for anyone who orders any one of the manuals. In addition, all authorized owners of any of my manuals are eligible to join my private mushroom-growing e-mail discussion list on Groups.io. I prefer to communicate by email, and I am not good at returning calls, but if you absolutely must reach me by telephone, my number is 541-342-6144, in Eugene, Oregon. Want to know more about me? Click here.

Pandemic price cuts! Here are your ordering options (click the link to jump to the appropriate section, or scroll down):

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  • Order offline by mail.
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    Refund policy

    Order the e-mail electronic versions online via PayPal .
    Order the e-mail electronic versions of the manual by credit card from any country served by PayPal.

    Please establish e-mail contact with me at rushwayne@aol.com before purchasing any manual, so that you know for sure that I will be able to send e-mail to you successfully upon receipt of your order.

    When I receive notification of your order from PayPal, I will respond to you by e-mail. This will happen usually within 24 hours. Sorry, I cannot process credit card orders made by telephone or e-mail separate from PayPal.

    I will send the manuals as .pdf files. These require Acrobat Reader or another .pdf reader to open.

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    Click the appropriate button below to purchase the manuals (latest editions, pandemic pricing as of 3/30/2020):
    All three manuals, e-mail versions
    Peroxide manual Vols. 1-2 + Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivation
    $19.90 total

    Peroxide manual, both volumes, e-mail version

    Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivation, e-mail version

    Peroxide manual, Volume I, e-mail version

    Peroxide manual, Volume II, e-mail version

    Order by mail within the US
    To go this route, you can send payment to the address below.
    Important! Please establish e-mail contact with me at rushwayne@aol.com before ordering, so we can be certain I can successfully send you e-mail in response. Put the words "Mushroom manual" or something similar in the subject line of your e-mail so I can pick out your message from all the junk mail I get! If you don't get a response within 48 hrs, please re-send your message and include a telephone number or an alternative e-mail address.

    Here's my address:
    R.R. Wayne
    2720 Onyx St.
    Eugene, OR 97403-1642.

    Please enclose a brief note stating your email address for delivery of the manuals, and what you want to order.

    Payment by check or money order is safest. If you send cash, it will be at your own risk. Either way, I recommend that you let me know by e-mail at rushwayne@aol.com when you do send an order, so that I can be watching for it. In turn, I can let you know when I send out your order, or I can let you know if your order doesn't show up.

    Here are the current prices when ordering the pdf manuals by mail:

    All three manuals, $19.90 total
    Volume I, $9.95
    Volume II, $8.95
    Both volumes, $12.90 total
    Non-Sterile Mushroom Cultivation, $9.50

    Ordinarily, I will respond to your e-mail inquiry or on-line payment within 24 hours. (Please re-send your inquiry with an alternate method of contacting you if I have not responded within 48 hours--sometimes e-mail does not reach me, and sometimes my responses can't be delivered for a variety of technical reasons).

    Refund Policy
    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please let me know! I will do whatever I can to set things right. You can contact me by e-mail (preferred) at rushwayne@aol.com or telephone (541-342-6144). The price of purchase will be refunded if you are dissatisfied or if the electronic document cannot be delivered to you for technical reasons. Note, however, that I cannot be responsible if contact information provided is insufficient for successful communication or if refunds are returned as undeliverable.

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