Some mushroom growing equipment for the peroxide method

Mushroom growing equipment

Here's some of my basic equipment for the peroxide method: a bag of pellet fuel (in this case oak, from Pennington Seed), a 5-gallon bucket with lid for mixing substrate, a bottle of 3% peroxide solution, and a 500 ml graduated cylinder with a 10 ml measuring pipette inside, for measuring peroxide.

If you are just a beginner at mushroom growing, whether or not you use the peroxide method, you will probably want a pressure cooker for making agar plates (although they can be made, less reliably, without it), jars with lids, a couple of pots for boiling water, an alcohol lamp, a small scale or balance for weighing, some petri dishes, some small boxes, some fresh trash bags, a hand mister, and a cool space. Later you may want a fan and an automatic misting system.

To measure the peroxide concentration in the bottles you get from the store, you will also need a small test tube with a lip, and a balloon. You will NOT need a glove box, HEPA filters, ultraviolet lights, a sterile laboratory, laminar flow hoods, air locks, foot washes, etc. etc.

For some suggestions on obtaining the supplies used in the peroxide manual if you live in the US or the UK, visit my Sources page. [Next]

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